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Cyber Race is a GameFi product set in a parallel world where robot dogs of Cyber Kingdom are frantically racing, combating, and defeating each other in the fight for the antidote to rusting to death.

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Cyber Race

In a parallel world, known as Cyber Kingdom, the most brilliant scientist has kept his robot dogs with perceptive thinking and clashing skills in a secret laboratory for devil experimental purposes.

To escape their lab rat life which eventually will end in being rotten by the poisoned atmosphere, the Cyber Dogs are brutally racing for the newly discovered antidotes.

The Space

An ample place will give The Space the most advantages. They will speed up easier in a roomy racing path, overtake the enemies by exceptional intuition for dimensions skill as well as their quick-witted characteristic.

The Earth

The Earth - Acquaints with nature, knows how to balance the elements in their own bodies, and makes effective use of objects surrounding them. This type of cyber dog has a better calculative mind than the others..

The Fire

Born in the intense heat, The Fire has full competency to endure severely sweltering atmosphere, foster themselves in akin environment and is the most resilient type

The Air

The Air - whose acumen are believed to be presented by the Claus, owning well-built dexterity and charismatic talent. Aggressive, disruptive and adjustable are the best words for The Air.

The Water

The Water, known as the one to govern the Atlantis, possesses powerful strength and grasp the ability to control waves, vapor. Sensitivity is their pivotal skill.

cyber Lab

Cyber Warehouse is a parcel of land in the Cyber Race gaming universe that allows the player to prepare before engaging in the race.

Warehouse empowers players to:

✓ Store items   ✓ Boost Cyber Dogs’ energy   ✓ Minning Tokens

Cyber Dog - The Fire

Cyber Dog - The Air

Cyber Dog - The Space

Cyber Dog - The Water

Cyber Dog - The Earth

Road Map

APR 2023

White Paper & Pitch Deck
Launching Website
Raise Private Sale
Build Community
Alpha Test Game

MAY 2023

Staking NFTs With GemUni
Gaming Ecosystem

JUN 2023

Official Launching Game Phase 1:
Cyber Dogs Racing
Lending & Leasing NFTs

JUL 2023

Launching Phase 2:
Death Race Mode

AUG 2023

Launching Phase 3:
Viewers can Donate &
Earn when players play

SEP 2023

Launching Phase 4:
Landing for Services,
Players can buy Land for
Mint Power and sell for Player

Q4 2023

Connect to GemUni Metaverse


Our Team

William Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Vuong Nguyen

Partnership Director

Cuong Vo

Project Manager

Toan Luong

UnityLead Developer

Phu Tran

Project Coordinator

Tho Nguyen

Creative Lead

Sinan Kolip

Game Developer

Gorav Kumar

Unity Developer

Narender Shukla

Unity Developer

Biswajit Roy John


Nguyen Nguyen

Product Designer Lead

Strategic Investor

K - Group ventures

Strategic Advisor


Strategic Advisor

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